Rembrandt: Through The Eyes Of The Master - 5 socks

Rembrandt: Through The Eyes Of The Master - 5 socks

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Fabrics: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane
Produced in The Hague, The Netherlands

With Rembrandt ON Socks and literally walk in Rembrandt’s footsteps. Study and marvel at these masterpieces on socks, and draw additional strength and inspiration from the old master by exchanging colours and expressions left and right. ON Socks has been searching for Rembrandt’s soul, proceeding from the expressions on these self-portraits. Each expression is unique. At the same time, each expression is Rembrandt’s expression. The same is true for Rembrandt ON Socks. Each sock is different, and yet the set of five socks forms a whole.

All series of ON socks consist of beautiful series of 5 unique socks that go together in any combination. Always different yet matching socks. 2 feet, 5 socks, 10 ways to wear a unique pair of socks. Dare To Wear Different.